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Dinosaurs, Robots, Aliens & Superheroes!
What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


Are you ready for adventure?
Dinosaurs in Reykjavík / The Robot Attack / Visitors from Outer Space /
The Superhero-Dimension / The Surprise Ending


In these crazy and fun filled books we follow the adventures of an 11 year old wanna-be scientist called Aevar. Along with his trusty sidekick-cat, Einstein, he will hatch dinosaur eggs, attend a school filled with some very dangerous robots, meet aliens that have almost definitely arrived to attack his home town and visit another dimension where everybody is a superhero - except for him!

In every book there is an underlying scientific theme, helping the reader learn something without realising it: Dinosaurs in Reykjavik - Geology. The Robot Attack - Programming. Visitors from Outer Space - Astronomy. The Superhero-Dimension - The Multiverse Theory. The Surprise Ending - How different branches of science can be used to work together. 


"I love that the main-characters excel at other things than sports. They are nerds and it gives those that are interested in computer games, programming or science someone to look up to."​

* * * * *


Nominated for the Nominated for the Icelandic Literary Prize for Children and YA Books 2016 (The Robot Attack) and finalist and first International Selection of the DeBary Outstanding Children’s Book Awards in 2016 (Dinosaurs in Reykjavik) and 2018 (The Robot Attack).


Illustrations by Rán Flygenring

Reading age: 6-12
Printed using Dyslexie - A font for people with dyslexia.

Page count: Between 200-250 pages / Language: Icelandic

Click here to read a few chapters in English from Dinosaurs in Reykjavík.

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