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A hauntingly beautiful story of love and loss.

“We have found that many of those that almost die become
more sensitive for a few days afterwards.”
“More sensitive how?”
“They see things that others don’t.”
“What kind of things?”
“Dead people?”
“Dead people.”


The day that Hallur almost dies is when everything changes. He becomes the teen reaper and finds himself tasked with helping people cross from our world to the other side. At the same time Hallur must keep up with his everyday life; not having the courage to talk to the girl he’s in love with, making endless amounts of props for the school musical and avoiding the local bully, who for some absurd reason has set his sights on Hallur.

The Teen Reaper is a fast-paced, funny and compelling coming-of-age story about life, death, grief, love and what to do when you suddenly become the teenage version of the grim reaper.

"The writing is full of warmth, concern and respect for the readers. Such qualities are by no means standard equipment when it comes to books for children and teenagers.”

Salvör Gullbrá Þórarinsdóttir, Stundin


​ Illustrations by Sigurjón Líndal Benediktsson

Reading age: 13-16

Page count: 384 / Language: Icelandic
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